In case you missed it this weekend, the Washington Post did a long, front-page piece on the delay in implementation of the pay-ratio rules under the Dodd-Frank Act, which in spite of its length doesn’t offer much news on the all-important questions of when the rules are expected to be issued or what they’re expected to say:

Nearly three years later, the rule remains unfinished, with no sign of when it will be done….

Agency officials dispute criticism that they have “slow-walked” the rule and have repeatedly said their goal is to write a rule that works. They say their emphasis is not speed but effectiveness.

Now, with unions and other pay ratio advocates mounting their own lobbying effort to get the SEC to move, the agency’s new chairman, Mary Jo White, is vowing to redouble its efforts to complete the rule and other long-delayed regulations. Testifying before Congress in March, she said there is “no higher priority.” But, she added, the task “truly is daunting.’’