The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announced January 27, 2011, that it has adopted a standard for inhalation toxicity testing for nanotechnology-based products. The new standard is formally designated as ISO 10808:2010, “Nanotechnologies-Characterization of Nanoparticles in Inhalation Exposure Chambers for Inhalation Toxicity Testing.” Although ISO standards are voluntary, world governments often adopt them as regulations or refer to them in legislation.

According to ISO, the new standard establishes a battery of inhalation toxicity testing chamber monitoring, including a differential mobility analyzing system for determining particle number, size, size-distribution, surface area, and estimated mass dose, as well as morphological examination using transmission election microscopy or scanning electron microscopy equipped with an energy dispersive X-ray analyzer for chemical composition. The new standard is available for purchase on ISO’s Website. See ISO Press Release No. 1394, January 31, 2011.