Kardashian protégé Sabbat to admit to … something, hand back cash

Gen Z-Envy

Remember self-styled creative director, design director, actor, model and stylist Luka Sabbat? We covered him back in December 2018, when he got sued for failing to live up to his contract with PR Consulting.

Sabbat – at the time a noted Kardashian crony and possible boy toy – signed a plum agreement with PRC. According to the company’s complaint, Sabbat was contracted to promote its client Snap Inc.’s line of eyewear.

The sum and substance of this job seems breathtakingly simple: feature Snap products in three Instagram stories and one Instagram feed post during and related to fashion week events in New York, Paris or Milan. He also agreed to be photographed wearing Snap’s products during the Milan and Paris fashion weeks.

PRC claims that the contract was for $60,000 – $45,000 of that upfront.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Ignore It

Here’s the part we find hard to believe, considering some of the jobs we held in our early 20s (Sabbat is 20): According to PRC, he dropped the ball, making only one Instagram feed post and one Instagram story post. If that weren’t enough, PRC claims that Sabbat admitted that he had failed at his appointed tasks but refused to return the funds.

Sabbat was sued for breach of contract and unjust enrichment. PRC sought the return of its payment and claimed monetary damages.

By comparison, no one ever sued us over that summer we flipped burgers.

The Takeaway

This case is a rare, high-profile legal dispute between influencers and their agency enablers – expect more of these disputes to crop up as influencers come into their own and contract rulings in the space start piling up.

The whole thing settled in early August, and he agreed to hand back $15,000 and produce an “original confession of judgment” that has not been made public.