Cancellation Leeghwater offshore wind demonstration project

The Dutch offshore project Leeghwater, intended as a large testing and demonstration area for offshore wind technology, was cancelled this week. The concept of a large offshore testing and demonstration area was developed before the Dutch Government decided to organize yearly 700 MW offshore wind power generation tenders. Plans for the first such tender in Borssele in December of this year are now well on their way. The Borssele plot (and most likely subsequent plots to be tendered) will include a testing area, for which a separate "beauty contest" will be held after the December tender.    

Publication site decisions Borssele I and II In line with our earlier alerts, the site decisions for the Borssele area are open to the filing of objections as from today. Objections may be filed until Thursday 17 September 2015.  

The site decisions (as well as the environmental impact assessment) are digitally available via this link. Interested parties can provide their comments by completing a digital form, or in writing or at a special information meeting, yet to be organized.