On November 7, 2018, Nick Scala of Conn Maciel Carey’s national MSHA Practice, presented a webinar which covered Unwarrantable Failures: Evaluation of the Causes and Effects.

Whether having received one, been threatened with one by an inspector, or heard of an issuance to another company, most operators have at least heard the terms 104(D) or Unwarrantable Failure. These are some of MSHA’s most powerful enforcement tools, and the stakes for additional enforcement and liability significantly increase after the issuance, in addition to the penalties. This webinar will review the definition of Unwarrantable Failures, both through MSHA regulation and guidance and the cases that govern them.

During this webinar, participants learned about:

  • What is an unwarrantable failure, and how and why these are issued by MSHA;

  • The criteria that must be evaluated when determining whether or not to classify a violation as an unwarrantable failure; and

  • Potential effects of receiving an unwarrantable failure, including explanation of the “D-Chain” and agent liability concerns under Section 110.

Here is a link to a recording of the webinar with slides and audio.