In addition to the EAT decision in the Uber case reported earlier, there have been a couple of further noteworthy developments relating to the ongoing series of ‘gig economy’ claims.

CitySprint has reportedly dropped its appeal against the employment tribunal decision earlier this year that the claimant (Dewhurst) was a worker (see our summary). In response to the tribunal’s decision the company has, apparently, issued couriers with revised contracts to ‘simplify the language’ and clarify the rights and flexibilities available to its ‘self-employed’ couriers (see article). It seems highly likely that there will be a further legal challenge to determine whether CitySprint couriers are workers.

Deliveroo riders have failed in their application to the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) for compulsory trade union recognition. The CAC determined that the riders were self-employed contractors rather than ‘workers’ and, therefore, not entitled to apply for trade union recognition (see article). However, a group of riders are pursuing a separate claim in the employment tribunal in an attempt to establish their status as ‘workers’.