The Ministry of Business, Information and Skills (BIS) has recently published the results of its survey of Employment Tribunal Applications.  The Survey, which is the sixth in a series dating back to 1987, aimed to obtain information on the characteristics of claimants and respondents, to assess the costs of going to tribunal for both parties, and to monitor the performance of the process.

Among employers in the survey, almost two in five (39 per cent) have been involved in employment tribunal claims in the past two years, with 72% of claims against private sector employers (broadly similar to the 69% of people who work in the private sector.)

The research took place before tribunal fees came into force but claimants bringing single claims were asked whether paying a fee of £250 would have influenced their decision to bring a claim.  49% indicated that it would, with younger workers, the lower paid and those on temporary contracts more likely to be influenced by the fee than older, better paid or permanent workers.