On 14 June 2015, Law no. 69 of 27 May 2015 ("Law 69/2015"), which increases the penalties for crimes against the public administration (i.e. embezzlement, official misconduct, corruption and bribery), crimes of mafia associations and false accounting, both for listed and non-listed companies, entered into force.

Further changes introduced by Law 69/2015 relate to plea bargains which, in proceedings for crimes of embezzlement, bribery or corruption, are subject to complete restitution of the price or the profit of the crime and to the conditional suspension of the penalty which, in the case of sentences for the crimes indicated above, is subject to the payment an amount equal to the profit from the crime or the amount wrongly received by the public official or person charged with providing a public service.

Lastly, Law 69/2015 introduces stricter rules in relation to impropert dealings by public servsnts with suspensions and dismissals from service.