The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently announced that it is now permitting employers in South Carolina to disclose information from E-Verify to the South Carolina Department of Labor as required by the state’s 2008 Immigration Law. Previously, some employers in South Carolina refused to release E-Verify information to the state’s DOL because they stated that under the terms of their E-Verify agreement with DHS, they can not disclose or share any information about their E-Verify transactions or operations. The Governor of South Carolina complained to DHS that it could not enforce its local immigration laws under the terms of this agreement. Therefore, DHS sent an e-mail to many E-Verify employers and E-Verify employer agents stating that they may disclose E-Verify information directly to the South Carolina Labor License and Regulation (LLR) Department when requested during enforcement actions. Other states which require employers to use the E-Verify system may in the future request a similar accommodation from DHS so that they may also enforce their states’ immigration laws.