As discussed in our Immigration Update from October 22, 2013, beginning August 1, 2014, the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will require employers to run advertisements prior to hiring foreign nationals for open positions in Singapore. This policy, known as the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF), was enacted to encourage companies to consider Singaporeans for open positions before hiring foreign nationals.

Under this policy, employers will be required to post open positions on the Jobs Bank, which is a state‐run online jobs posting board, for at least 14 calendar days before submitting the Employment Pass (EP) application to the Singapore MOM.

The Singapore MOM has allowed for several exceptions, which will exempt certain employers from having to advertise in cases where:

  1. The Employment Pass is being renewed;
  2. The foreign national employee will receive a fixed salary of at least SGD $12,000 (approx. USD $9,700) per month;
  3. The employee is an intra‐company transfer; or
  4. The employer in Singapore has 25 or fewer employees.

Given the new advertising requirements set to go into effect, it is advisable for companies to plan ahead and take these changes into consideration for new Employment Pass applications to be filed after August 1, 2014.