Two petitions were turned in to place before local voters ballot measures to ban fracking. On July 9, 2013, opponents of hydraulic fracturing turned in a petition seeking to ban hydraulic fracturing within the city limits of Lafayette, Colorado. The petition also seeks to bar the disposal of associated waste products within city limits. The effort was led by East Boulder County United.

A day earlier on July 8, a petition was turned in that would stop oil and gas development in the city of Loveland, Colorado for a period of two years. The petition calls for additional time to allow the City of Loveland to do further research into the health and environmental issues associated with hydraulic fracturing. The effort in Loveland was led by Protect Our Loveland.

Lafayette and Loveland are both located within the Niobrara shale play that has seen significant oil and gas activity. To date, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has taken the position that the state has the power to regulate oil and gas activities. A successful ballot initiative will undoubtedly lead to more litigation, including challenges on grounds of an unconstitutional taking of mineral rights. The oil and gas industry in Colorado is mobilizing to respond and oppose these ballot initiatives.

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