As the discussion about restructuring Ohio's electrical market begins, we will be closely monitoring the political environment in order to advocate for advanced energy companies. Below you can find speeches, policy papers, and testimony, put forth by key policymakers and stakeholders that may impact the coming debate.

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Legislation in the Ohio General Assembly 

S.B. 221 - Energy Policy

Revises state energy policy to address electric service price regulation, new bonding authority for advanced energy projects, advanced (including renewable) energy portfolio standards, energy efficiency standards, and greenhouse gas emission reporting and carbon control planning requirements Introduced September 25, 2007, passed by the Senate and pending in the House.

On January 23, 2008, the Ohio House Public Utilities Committee took public testimony on the bill. Read the written testimony of the hearing witnesses

Other pending Ohio energy legislation


Ohio's Energy Policy and Proposals

Principles of Governor Strickland's Proposed Energy Compact

Issued May 1, 2007

Governor Strickland's Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce Legislative Briefing 

May 1, 2007


Testimony Before the Ohio Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee

Committee website

February 27, 2007

Alan R. Schriber Chairman, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

February 20, 2007

Mark R. Shanahan, PhD Governor's Energy Advisor, Ohio Air Quality Development Authority

Janine L. Migden-Ostrander Ohio Consumers' Counsel


Testimony Before the Ohio House of Representatives Alternative Energy Committee

Committee website

June 20, 2007

Thomas Stewart, Executive Vice President, Ohio Oil & Gas Association

June 13, 2007

Iwan Alexander and George Harker, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Executive Director, Wright Fuel Cell Group respectively, both Case Western Reserve University

Supplemental Material

Martin Kushler, Director of the Utilities Program, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

June 6, 2007

John Hollback, Manager of Global and Environmental affairs, American Electric Power Ohio

Mike Long, Executive Director, Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio

May 30, 2007

Kevin Maynard Director of Utilities, City of Bowling Green; Member, AMP-Ohio Board of Trustees

Janine L. Migden-Ostrander Ohio Consumers' Counsel

Wilson Gonzalez Senior Regulatory Analyst, Ohio Consumers' Counsel

May 23, 2007

Norman W. Johnston Chair, the Northern Ohio Advanced Energy Association

March 21, 2007

Stephan Dopuch Vice President, Baard Energy, LLC

Supplemental Material

May 16, 2007

Ken Alfred Executive Director, Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition

May 9, 2007

Rayola Dougher Economist, American Petroleum Institute

April 25, 2007

Dr. Henry Cialone President and CEO, Edison Welding Institute

Supplemental Material

April 18, 2007

Bobby Moser Vice President for Agricultural Administration, Ohio State University

Supplemental Material

Amy Gomberg Environment Ohio

Dale Arnold Director of Energy Services, Ohio Farm Bureau

March 7, 2007

Kerry Stroup Manager of State Relations, PJM Interconnection LLC

Gregory Washington, Jeff Daniels and Steve Slack, Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Professor in the School of Earth Sciences and Director of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center respectively at Ohio State University