As noted in October's update, on 2 October the Spanish Congress approved a draft bill to combat fraud.

The Spanish Exchequer and the Public Administrations Commission also approved the text of the draft bill and it was thus sent directly to the Senate on October 5.

The deadline for submitting amendments was 9 October and 121 amendments have been submitted to date, as well as two veto proposals. All of them have been rejected. The draft bill was due to receive final approval by the end of November.

The Spanish government stressed that combating fraud is an interest shared by all political parties and called on them to vote in favour of its draft bill.

However, further modifications have not been discontinued once the results have been studied. The Spanish government has also announced a reform of the Spanish Criminal Code, lengthening prison terms for offenders – which range from one to six years – and increasing the statutory limitation period for fraud from five to 10 years.

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