Extraordinary renewal arrangements can no longer be applied to fixed-term contracts

Since November 8, 2015 the extraordinary renewal of fixed-term contracts under the terms of Law no. 76/2013, of November 7, is no longer possible.

Thus, by virtue of the cancellation of the extraordinary renewal arrangements, fixed -term contracts that have reached their maximum duration after November 8, 2015, can no longer be renewed under the extraordinary arrangements and are subject to the maximum duration limits foreseen in paragraph 1 of article 148 of the Labour Code .

Deliberation no. 7680/2014 of CNPD (Portuguese Data protection Authority) – Form concerning the geolocalisation of vehicles in employment context now available

The CNPD has made available the specific form for the notification of data processing arising from the geolocalisation of vehicles in employment context, in view of the requirements laid down by Deliberation no. 7680/2014.

CNPD suggests that entities that have already notified this kind of data processing and are awaiting authorisation to proceed with the electronic replacement of the notification through the new form for issuing authorisation within one week at the latest, provided that the data processing complies with the principles and requirements foreseen in the said deliberation.