Earlier today at the scheduled Shareholders’ Meeting of Fortis SA/NV, shareholders overwhelmingly voted on a proposal to continue the activities of the company. At the next Shareholder's Meeting, to take place no later than February 12, 2009, Fortis SA/NV shareholders, in accordance with the December 12 Brussels Court of Appeals Ruling, will vote on the various transactions and related agreements between Fortis Bank, Fortis Insurance Belgium, the Belgian State and BNP Paribas PA suspended by the Court late last week, pending such shareholder vote. At the aforementioned meeting, shareholders will also vote on the appointment of new directors.

Yesterday, BNP Paribas called off its extraordinary general meeting, also scheduled for today, at which BNP Paribas shareholders were to vote on the deal.

Finally, various news sources have also reported that today, Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme offered the resignation of his entire government after it was reported that Belgium's highest court, the Court of Cassation, potentially found signs that the government had sought to sway last week's Court of Appeals ruling on the future of Fortis.