Today, Thursday 29 March, marks the half-way point between the UK formally triggering Article 50 and the EU and the UK legally parting ways. It's an apt time for us to pause and take stock.

We've been talking about Brexit for a long time, even before the referendum took place. Our main message has always been that it's crucial for businesses to monitor the developments and understand what they mean for them. That's going to become even more crucial over the next year, as we start to see the future for the UK take shape.

The UK and the EU now have 33 months until the end of the currently agreed transition period. The future will tell us whether they succeed in negotiating a Free Trade Agreement in that time.

Domestically, the UK Government will need to replicate 19,000 EU legislative acts in force, while also amending the 7,900 statutory instruments which currently implement EU law. There are 759 bilateral EU treaties to deal with and 41 EU agencies to replicate. This is a mammoth task which will require the Government to work quickly. Keeping an eye on what's happening and influencing the process will be crucial.