A US senator and two US representatives introduced a bill June 8 that would set out uniform federal labeling requirements for consumer products nationwide that would mandate science-based criteria for all state-specific labeling requirements, but would not change current FDA-related requirements such as nutrition facts. The bill's sponsors said they were reacting against such state laws as California's Proposition 65 (which mandates warning labels about exposure to chemicals that cause cancer or reproductive toxicity) as well as laws that require obesity warnings on the packaging of sweetened beverages. Under the proposed law, all warning labels would have to be science-based, clear and meaningful. The law has the support of more than 60 food trade associations. One of its sponsors, Representative Kurt Schrader (D-OR), said, "When we have mandatory cancer warnings on a cup of coffee, something has gone seriously wrong with the process. We now have so many warnings unrelated to the actual health risk posed to consumers that most people just ignore them. Enough is enough."