​An interesting news update has recently come up in the media, as the Serbian roads company "Putevi Srbije", and the Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure – together with the representatives of the relevant institutions in Romania – announced that a contract on implementing a cross border project of building the Belgrade-Timisoara highway is due to be signed in the next two weeks.

It has been reported that the main aspects of this project will include a feasibility study, the drafting of technical documentation and the general highway project, all of which is valued at more than EUR 10 million. An international EU tender will be announced for this venture, allowing for all international consulting companies to participate in it.

The highway is planned to go along the Belgrade-Pancevo-Vrsac-Timisoara route, with an estimated 130 kilometres in length, and it should be a part of the greater Corridor 11 – meaning that the districts of this part of Vojvodina will enjoy a great opportunity in terms of developing businesses and attracting investments, especially having in mind the potential ensuing highway connection with the port of Bar in Montenegro.