An auditor in the Russian Presidential Administration, Mr. Andrei Voronin, has admitted to extorting a million-dollar bribe from Toshiba. Mr Voronin, who headed the Kremlin audit office, was arrested in November 2010 for allegedly extorting bribes from foreign companies supplying high-tech medical equipment to regional hospitals.

Mr. Voronin has struck a plea bargain agreement in which he may have his sentence reduced for helping the authorities with the investigation. He allegedly informed foreign companies that the Kremlin had prepared a so-called "black list" of companies barred from doing business in Russia for allegedly selling their medical equipment above retail cost. He then demanded bribes from the foreign corporations, telling them he would personally make sure they kept their contracts if they paid up. Toshiba turned to the Russian Interior Ministry for help. Mr. Voronin was arrested shortly after Toshiba transferred $900,000 to an agreed foreign bank account.