From April 2010, the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) - a new mandatory cap and trade scheme for carbon dioxide (CO²) emissions aimed at incentivising energy efficiency - will come into force in the UK. Technology companies operating in the UK and consuming energy in their own right and/or on behalf of others (e.g. through a data centre) may be required to participate.

Whilst the CRC has the potential to deliver benefits to the technology sector such as an increased take-up of clean tech services and products, it could also result in UK technology operations (in the event of non-compliance) incurring increased costs, damaged reputation and criminal prosecution.

With energy costs and environmental regulation in the UK on the increase, it is essential for the technology sector to take action now to plan and budget for compliance in order to maintain market competitiveness.

The Norton Rose LLP Environment, Safety and Planning Group have prepared a full briefing on the CRC and its implications for the ICT sector. Should you wish to receive a copy of the briefing, please contact Amy Lindsell.