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Home Energy & Lifestyle Management Ltd (HELM) – the ICO have issued a monetary penalty against HELM – stating that the "green energy company, has been fined £200,000 after it deliberately broke marketing call regulations". HELM was found to have operated a mass automated tele-marketing campaign which made over 6 million phone calls to the public offering solar panels for "free".

The ICO, in its notice, relayed a number of complaints received in respect of HELM, these included –

I did not request a call or authorise a call. My number has been registered with TPS for many years. My number is not listed in the phone book. I have never given permission for any sales calls. I am concerned about possible criminal activity relating to my personal details and phone number.”; and

Waiting for phone call about terminally ill family member so I cannot ignore my phone but I feel this nuisance company have taken over my phone line! Please can something be done to stop these pests? If it was a real person, I could ask them to stop phoning but I am powerless with these pests!!! I'm on the TPS and have been for a few years.”

What action could be taken to manage risks that may arise from this development?

Organisations should note another key enforcement area for the ICO is nuisance calls, and should ensure that all marketing campaigns are compliant with PECR, the DPA and ICO guidance.