Who should read this booklet?

You should read this booklet if: 

  • You are the owner of a leasehold house or flat 
  • Your house or flat is held on a lease originally granted for a term of more than 21 years (regardless of how many years remain on the lease) 
  • You are concerned at the effect of the declining lease term on the value and marketability of your house or flat 
  • You wish to sell the property soon and/or have some available capital to invest in enlarging your interest in the property.

Note: it makes no difference now, save for a very limited number of leasehold houses, whether your house or flat is owned by a company or by an individual, or whether it is owner-occupied or sublet to tenants.

The sections that follow on the three main rights under the leasehold reform legislation are necessarily repetitious to a significant extent, because most leaseholders will only be seeking to exercise rights under one of the three links of the legislation and it was thought better to repeat common provisions rather than require the reader to cross-reference between different sections of the booklet.

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