The European Banking Authority has launched two public consultations on Draft Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) and Draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) related to how competent authorities collaborate and exchange information regarding institutions operating through branches and regarding the freedom of provision of services in one or more EU Member States other than that in which head offices are situated. The proposed draft Technical Standards focus on exchange of supervisory information between supervisory authorities, with the aim of ensuring a structured and consistent process in the provision of and access to key supervisory information across Member States. They are not directly addressed to supervised institutions nor do they introduce any direct reporting requirements. The RTS specify the information that the competent authorities shall exchange with each other pursuant to Article 50 of the CRD which covers areas such as management and ownership; liquidity and supervisory findings and deposit guarantee schemes, among others.

The draft RTS and ITS are expected to be submitted to the European Commission by 1st January 2014.