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Environmental protection


What preliminary environmental authorisations are required before commencing oil and gas-related activities?

Before commencing oil and gas activities, the following preliminary authorisations are required:

  • a permit to occupy the land;
  • a register of activities affecting the environment;
  • a permit to drill water wells;
  • authorisation to use water resources;
  • authorisation to discharge into a body of water;
  • authorisation to affect natural resources; and
  • authorisation to deforest and move soil.


What environmental protection requirements apply to the operation of oil and gas facilities?

Most of the environmental protection requirements regarding the operation of oil and gas facilities are regulated by the Environment Organic Law.

The main protection for the operation of oil and gas facilities includes:

  • co-responsibility;
  • prevention;
  • precaution;
  • liability for environmental damages; and
  • evaluation of environmental impact. 


Any conduct or activity that contravenes the Environmental Organic Law may be construed as a breach of environmental obligations.

Further, the Penal Environmental Law is the instrument that regulates all conduct that can be construed as environmental crime.

What are the consequences of failure to observe the relevant environmental regulations and to what extent can operators be held liable for environmental damage?

Breach of the environmental regulations applicable to the oil and gas industry might generate civil, criminal and administrative liability for the breaching party.

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