With millions of individuals flocking to Vegas this summer, there is bound to be a few dangerous incidents. This past week, a room at the Stratosphere Hotel & Tower caught fire at about 8:14 p.m. The fire department rushed to the scene of the accident promptly but the sprinkler system activated and the fire was put out shortly after that. There was no report of injuries from the fire, and damage was limited to the bathroom in the room. While the fire is still under investigation, chances are that the guest left on an iron, a hair appliance, or another heated appliance that sparked and caused the incident to occur.

If you are injured in a hotel fire in the Vegas area, and the fire was not your fault, then you can seek compensation for any property damage or injuries that you suffer. You will want to contact an attorney in the area to represent you as you present your case. For example, if the heater in your room sparked, causing a fire or causing you to burn yourself, then this would be a legitimate lawsuit. Likewise, if you try to plug in an appliance and the outlet sparks or starts a fire, then you could seek compensation for this as well.