Environment Canada is assessing approximately 200 high priority substances on Canada's Domestic Substances List ("DSL") for toxicity, use and the need for regulatory control. The DSL is the list of substances that were in commercial use between 1984 and 1986, pre-dating the federal notice and assessment protocol for toxicity that came into effect under the New Substance Notification Regulations. Environment Canada is releasing batches of 15-30 substances every three months. Industry is then given six months' time in which to submit prescribed information to Environment Canada for review.

In June, Environment Canada published a list of 12 Batch 10 substances including but not limited to certain Rosin and Resin acids, hydrazine, cobalt, and cobalt chloride. Obligations apply to persons who used more than 1,000 kg of the listed substances or manufactured or imported more than 100 kg during 2006, whether alone or in a mixture. Unless new information is received by December 17, 2009, Environment Canada plans to open a 60-day public comment period on the draft screening assessment and proposed control measures in March 2010. Further information is available at: http://www.chemicalsubstanceschimiques.gc.ca/challenge-defi/batch-lot_10_e.html.

In relation to Batch 11 substances, Environment Canada gave notice that technical information would be published in September 2009. Industry will subsequently be challenged to submit information set out in the technical documentation.