Achieving a high-performance culture in your business

Managing employee performance and setting expectations is critical to the success of achieving a high performance culture. Those business owners who achieve this type of culture tend to do so because they properly set expectations with their employees from the outset and then follow through on those expectations. There are 6 key things that employees need to know before you can expect them to perform to their optimum:

  1. On what terms and conditions will you employ them? (contract of employment)
  2. What specific tasks and responsibilities does the job consist of? (Job Description)
  3. To what standards do you expect employees to perform those tasks and responsibilities? (goals/productivity measures/Key Performance Indicators)
  4. How do you expect employees to behave in the workplace with you, your customers and towards each other? ( Employee Handbook/Behaviour Standards/Code of Conduct)
  5. How will you support them in achieving a competent performance? (Induction/training courses/on the job coaching/instruction)
  6. How will the employee know whether they are doing well or not meeting expectations? (giving feedback/performance reviews/counselling procedures)

If you spend the time to get these basics in place (and it does not have to be complicated) and let employees know up front what you expect from them and what they can expect from you in return, then you will be well on your way to achieving a high employee performance culture in your business!