A headline in the New York Law Journal this week puzzled me. It read: “Most Companies Don’t Tolerate GCs Who Sexually Harass, Experts Say.”

For sure, employers should not tolerate workplace sexual harassment, from anyone, especially GCs – as I teach in my harassment training sessions, “top down” behavior is reflected in general workplace behavior, and harassment can only be prevented if workplace culture and employee attitudes are in sync with anti-harassment culture.

But what does one make of the NYLJ headline? If most companies don’t tolerate GCs who sexually harass, what about the other companies?

Does the headline implicitly mean that they do tolerate GCs who sexually harass?

Do these other companies self-identify as tolerating sexual harassment? In GCs?

To find out, I first cleverly Googled the phrase “companies which tolerate GCs who sexually harass” – and reported my results in my Above The Law post today.

You can read the results here.