At its meeting of 17 and 18 May 2011, Toronto City Council voted to:

  • repeal the City’s new comprehensive zoning by-law 1156-2010 (which was subject to approximately 700 Ontario Municipal Board appeals) (the “By-law”). Council directed City Planning staff to bring a revised comprehensive zoning by-law back to Council for consideration in January or early February of 2012, and to report to Council on the progress of that project at its meeting of 6 October 2011. The revised zoning by-law is supposed to clear up numerous errors contained in the By-law and to that end City of Toronto Planning staff are arranging meetings with those who appealed the By-law to determine ways in which the By-law can be improved. For those who did not appeal the By-law, this consultation represents an opportunity to provide comment on the new By-law to ensure that your land interests are protected.; and
  • rescind the City’s Mandatory Purchase of Metropasses for New Condominium Buildings policy. Staff have been directed to provide information to developers about the TTC’s multi-discount pass program, and to review the projects where Metropass conditions are applied to the purchase price of a condominium to ensure that funds are either refunded to buyers or the TTC passes are delivered to the new owners.

Should you have any questions regarding these significant Toronto City Council decisions and how they may impact your development, we would be happy to discuss these with you.