Aiming to reduce the number of mismatches generated by the E-Verify system, USCIS has begun collecting passport data as part of the E-Verify process. USCIS officials report that this step is already reducing the incidences of mismatches among foreign-born citizens.  

The E-Verify system has a three-prong approach in that if the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or the SSA is unable to immediately confirm a citizen's work eligibility, USCIS can now check State Department records prior to issuing a tentative non-confirmation (TNC). Prior to this enhancement, a potentially authorized worker may have erroneously been issued a TNC.  

Offering a more customer-friendly approach, USCIS now allows foreign-born U.S. citizens who ultimately receive TNCs to call USCIS rather than visiting an SSA office to resolve their cases. USCIS states that more than 60 percent of foreign-born U.S. citizens who have received a TNC have chosen this option and that, of those, more than 90 percent have led to a final determination of “work-authorized” over the telephone.