On June 13, 2012, ICANN published the list of gTLD's that were applied for during the initial application window, which closed on May 30, 2012. A total of 1,930 applications were filed covering 1,409 unique gTLD strings.

Companies in all fields should review the list of gTLD applications to determine if their trademark or other rights may be impacted by the new gTLD's, and if so, they should consider filing a comment and/or an objection to the gTLD string. The comment period runs until August 12, 2012, and the objection period is scheduled to run until mid-January 2013.

Even if you do not find a string that is confusingly similar to your trademark, there may be gTLD's covering generic terms used in your industry that might impact your future marketing and brand protection strategies. Reviewing the strings now will allow you time to consider the best way to deal with this historic expansion of the domain name system.

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