Reynolds v Strutt and Parker LLP

Mr Reynolds sued his employers after he was badly injured on a corporate team bonding day.  He was injured when he collided with a work colleague but the judge found that this collision occurred as a result of Mr Reynold’s own decision to try and force his colleague out of the cycle race and he had acted in a deliberately manner, reckless to the consequences.  He had also failed to wear a helmet.  The head injury has left him suffering dizziness, hearing loss, loss of taste and smell, fatigue, impaired memory and concentration and altered personality.  He would not have suffered the same injury if he had been wearing a helmet.  

He therefore had to bear the lion’s share of the blame and will only receive a third of the damages he sought.  The judge held Strutt and Parker liable for not ensuring the health and safety of its employees by failing to carry out a proper risk assessment.  Strutt and Parker have been ordered to pay Mr Reynolds costs for the legal action which could be as much as £400,000.  The damages Mr Reynolds will receive are to be assessed.