Yesterday, the SEC and CFTC issued a joint press release announcing that they will hold two joint meetings in early September. The joint meetings are intended to provide the SEC and CFTC with public feedback and commentary on the harmonization of financial regulations. In announcing the meetings, both Chairman Schapiro and Chairman Gensler characterized the meetings as opportunities to address gaps between the two financial regulatory regimes.

As announced, the meetings will consist of five panels to discuss the regulation of exchanges, markets, intermediaries, and clearance and settlement, enforcement, and the regulation of investment funds. Comments have been solicited from the public, and must be submitted by September 14, 2009.

In June, the Obama Administration issued a white paper on reform of financial regulation, which recommended that the two commissions “complete a report to Congress by Sept. 30, 2009, that identifies all existing conflicts in statutes and regulations with respect to similar types of financial instruments and either explains why those differences are essential to achieve underlying policy objectives with respect to investor protection, market integrity, and price transparency or makes recommendations for changes to statutes and regulations that would eliminate the differences.”