On January 9th, 2017, the Corporate tax was approved on first debate, its final approval is still pending.

This tax will apply to all companies as well as branches and foreign companies with legal representatives registered in Costa Rica.

This tax has a fiscal period from January 1st to December 31st of every year. The payment should be done by January 31st at the latest, before the Tax Authorities. This year a special term is applicable.

The amounts to be paid up to date, once the law is approved on second debate, are the following:

  • ₡63,630.00: for all the companies that are not declarants or tax payers.
  • ₡106,050.00: for the companies with a reported income less than ₡50,904,000.00.
  • ₡127,260.00: for the companies with a reported income that is more than ₡50,904,000.00 and less than ₡118,776,000.00.
  • ₡212,100.00: for the companies with an income over ₡118,776,000.00.

Having not paid 3 consecutive periods could result in the dissolution of the company by the Corporate Registry, and the legal representatives will be jointly responsible.