On December 9, 2014, the State Intellectual Property Office issued a circular on the Interim Measures for Basic Patent Data Resource Application to promulgate the Interim Measures for Basic Patent Data Resource Application (hereinafter, the "Measures"), which came into force on December 10, 2014.

The "patent data service pilot system" (hereinafter the "System"), as set forth in the Measures, is an updated data service platform that provides basic patent data resources to the public. Two service providers separately provide service sites where the subscribers may choose any service site and register as its system subscribers. The registered information serves as the basis for verifying materials when an agreement is executed. The subscribers shall ensure the authenticity and accuracies of the information submitted at the time of registration.

After submitting an application for the needed resource, a subscriber is required to print and send to a service provider the Data Usage Agreement generated by the system as well as a copy of the supporting documentation of an organization (individual), which must be signed and sealed. After receiving the agreement on paper, the service provider will send an email notice for the materials verification outcome within three to five working days and allocate a data download account and password to the subscriber before sending back the agreement signed by the service provider.

A subscriber may use the data download account and password as allocated to register data updated to the application resource downloaded from the document transmission service site of such service provider. However, the basic patent data resource obtained from the system shall not be provided (neither in whole nor in part) in its original state to any third party.