Please note that in accordance with Order No. 09-33/pz-n of the Federal Service for Financial Markets (the “FSFM”) “On the Specifics of Maintaining a Register of the Holders of Registered Securities by the Issuers of Registered Securities”, dated 13 August 2009, all joint-stock companies that maintain their own shareholder registers, without the involvement of a professional register holder, must submit an annual report with the information set forth in the above Order to the FSFM.

This annual report must include general information on the company, issued shares, operations with the shares during the reporting period, etc.

The report for 2010 must be submitted to the FSFM by 15 February 2011 at the latest. Failure to do so will result in the company being assessed an administrative fine of RUB 500,000-700,000 (approx. USD 17,000-24,000).