As anticipated, members of the European Parliament (EP) voted last Thursday to approve a sweeping telecommunications regulatory reform package that mandates net neutrality and terminates wireless roaming fees throughout the European Union (EU) by the end of next year. Crafted with the intention of promoting a single, unified EU telecommunications market, the newly-adopted law abolishes retail wireless roaming rates for voice, messaging and data services throughout the EU by December 15, 2015. Under the law’s net neutrality mandate, carriers and other Internet service providers are prohibited from degrading or blocking access to competitive services and applications. In all but “exceptional” cases, carriers are also barred from slowing or otherwise interfering with advertised Internet speeds when handling video-on-demand and other high-bandwidth services applications. The package remains to be ratified by each of the EU member states through a process that is expected to be completed this fall. Although EC Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes lauded the vote as “the EU delivering for our citizens,” a spokesman for the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association criticized the vote as “a step in the wrong direction” that “risks derailing the original objectives of the connected continent regulation, namely a strong European digital industry igniting growth and jobs creation.”