The most recent COP statistics have now been published by the MOJ, covering the period April to June 2016.

In April to June 2016, there were 7,616 applications made under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, up 13% on the equivalent quarter in 2015. The majority of these (54%) related to applications for appointment of a property and affairs deputy. Following the introduction of new forms in July 2015, applicants must make separate applications for ‘property and affairs’ and ‘personal welfare’. This is why there have been almost no ‘hybrid deputy’ applications in 2016. There were 6,700 orders  made,  13%  lower than the same quarter in 2015. Most (53%) of the orders related to the appointment of a deputy for property and affairs. The trend in orders made mirrors that of applications and has been steadily increasing since 2010.

Applications relating to deprivation of liberty increased from 109 in 2013 to 525 in 2014 to 1,497 in 2015. There were 743 applications made in the most recent quarter, double the number made in April to June 2015. Of the 743 applications made in April to June 2016, 528 (71%) came from a Local Authority, 179 (24%) from solicitors and 36 (5%) from others including clinical commission groups, other professionals or applicants in person. Over half (55%) of applications for deprivation of liberty were made under the Re X process.