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Are employers required to give notice of termination?

Employers are required to give a notice of termination. Notice can be given orally, unless the employment contract states otherwise.


What are the rules that govern redundancy procedures?

Redundancy procedures are set out in Article 335 of the Code of Obligations (SR 220).

Are there particular rules for collective redundancies/mass layoffs?

Mass redundancies are set out in Article 335(d) of the Code of Obligations.


What protections do employees have on dismissal?

Employees have the following protection on dismissal:

  • Employees have the right to ask for a written motivation letter of the employer explaining the grounds for dismissal.
  • Employees may challenge the dismissal – if it was wrongful, the employee is entitled to compensation for wrongful dismissal.
  • If an employee was discriminated against based on his or her gender, the court may order the temporary reinstatement of the employee.
  • If the employer gives a notice of termination during a protected period as defined by statutory law, the notice is void and has no effect.

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