To conmemorate World Consumer Rights Day, it is important to raise awareness to the public to know their rights. This allows the public to exercise their rights adequately in the face of any inconvenience, enforcing them in such a way that seeks a framework of equity, knowledge and acceptance in the relationships of suppliers and consumers.

Remember that according to the Consumer Protection Law you have the right to:

  • Be informed of the conditions of the products or services that are purchased

  • Choose

  • Protect your economic interests

  • Recieve a guarantee

  • Being heard on claims

If you are a supplier, we remind you that consumers must receive the product or service according to what is offered, either through advertising, telephone sales, contracts or any other means.

Here are some tips that may be useful:

  1. Get informed: Before finalizing the acquisition of a good or service, make sure that what you are getting is what you are really looking for, check the prices between different businesses, their characteristics and make a comparison. If you have any questions, you have the right to make the required consultation in order to have a free decision. With the rise of digital purchases, you must also verify the legitimacy of the website on which you are making your purchase.

  1. Choose safely: When deciding the acquisition of a good or service, request the delivery of the invoice or proof of the purchase made with unit price detail and any relevant charge applied, as well as the terms in which the provider is obliged to guarantee them. Remember that when you make a claim it is very important to have the invoice in hand. The same applies to the acquired service contracts, review the document before signing it and save it, as it will be useful in case of filing a future claim.

  1. Assert your rights: If you have acquired a good or service that does not meet your needs, and does not meet the quality or quantity promised by the supplier / seller of the service or product, it is convenient that you ask for the instance of the claim directly with the supplier and if you do not receive a solution with the trade you can make use of the digital platforms that the Consumer Defense has enabled for the reception of complaints, either by telephone, digital kiosks or electronic media.

The importance of knowing our rights makes us responsible for having a leading role in which rights can be enforced. In such a way, it allows us to be participatory and aware towards the goods and services we receive in our daily lives.