The European Commission has launched a public consultation on "biofuel issues in new legislation on the promotion of renewable energy". It addresses issues such as how to achieve a 10 per cent biofuel share in transport fuels by 2020 while ensuring environmental sustainability. The consultation is principally aimed at helping the Commission draft proposals on incorporating this 10 per cent target into legislation. The Commission recognises that biofuels will play a key role in improving security of fuel supply, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transport and in offering new sources of income to people dependent on agriculture. There is concern, however, that these advantages should not be offset by environmental damage through inappropriate land use or outdated production processes. Views are sought from public authorities, businesses, non-governmental organisations and other interested parties on four questions:

  • How should a biofuel sustainability system be designed?
  • How should overall effects on land use be monitored?
  • How should the use of second-generation biofuels be encouraged?
  • What further action is needed to make it possible to achieve a 10 per cent biofuel share?

The consultation will close on 4 June 2007.