The King County Board of Health adopted a fee schedule as part of the requirements of its Secure Medicine Return Regulations. The scheduled fees include an annual operating fee, as well as plan review fees for: 

  • Review of a proposed stewardship plan; 
  • Resubmittal of a proposed stewardship plan; 
  • Review of changes to an approved stewardship plan; 
  • Submittal of an updated stewardship plan at least every four years; and 
  • Review of any petition for approval to use alternative final disposal technologies. 

As we previously mentioned here, the total cost for each of the 161 producers who have submitted their notice to participate in the stewardship plan will be $284.00 for the first year, which includes the one-time plan review fee and annual operating costs for the first year. The following year, each producer will be subject to a $186.00 annual operating fee. (Note that these costs are estimates based on the expected number of program participants, and assuming the program moves forward in light of ligation in the Ninth Circuit, as discussed here.)