Final Digital Britain report spells out UK government strategy on digital technology.

The UK Government published its final Digital Britain report on 16 June 2009. The report sets out the Government's strategy for positioning the UK as a world-leading digital knowledge economy. Actions highlighted in the report include:

  • Confirmed commitment to the Universal Service Broadband Commitment of 2Mbps by 2012 and next-generation broadband access for those who cannot be reached by the market;
  • A Spectrum Modernisation Programme designed to move towards universal 3G and next generation mobile coverage and to complete the transition of radio to a dedicated digital platform;
  • A re-thinking of Ofcom's mandate to include a duty to alert the Government to significant deficiencies in communications infrastructure coverage and capability and report every two years on that infrastructure;
  • A commitment to complete a Digital Switchover of Public Services so that online will become the primary means of access by 2012;
  • A focus on protecting creative content industries through stepped-up penalties for unlawful file-sharing and the provision of technical measures for ISPs to prevent unlawful sharing such as bandwidth reduction and protocol blocking.

A new Digital Delivering Agency will be responsible for developing and implementing the programmes outlined in the Digital Britain Report. The Government will begin consultation with respect to the scope of the Digital Delivering Agency in Autumn 2009.

The full text of the Digital Britain Report can be found at: