The FSA has published its Business Plan for 2009/10 which looks at the FSA’s priorities for the period 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010.  

The plan sets out the FSA's programme of work for the year ahead to address the risks highlighted by the Financial Risk Outlook, which outlines the FSA’s priorities and specific initiatives for 2009/10, which reflect the continuing difficulties and challenges facing the financial services industry.  

The FSA will focus on ensuring firms are soundly run and in particular that they adjust their business models to ensure that they can remain well capitalised and securely funded. In carrying out its consumer mandate, the FSA will concentrate its resources on helping people cope with the economic downturn and maintaining pressure on firms to treat customers fairly.  

As well as addressing these current risks, the FSA will play a full role in modernising the global regulatory framework. This will involve taking forward the agenda that will be laid out in a Discussion Paper in March. Finally the FSA will complete the planned programme of improvements to its supervisory processes.

View FSA Business Plan 2009/10, 12 February 2009