In the latest episode of the Womble Whiteboard video series, Director of Impact Strategies Mark Newberg shows executives how to “think” about Impact.

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Newberg unveils the Simple Vetting Process, a three-step framework that shows anyone interested in Impact, whether corporate CEO, investment manager, or startup founder, how to analyze the impact of any initiative, and embed it in the core of their enterprise.

The Impact Economy consists of for-profit, non-profit and governmental entities using proven management practices to harness the positive power of business to address endemic social issues. With a rapidly expanding market and an increasing number of participants, the idea of “impact” as an economic force has hit the mainstream. Womble Carlyle’s Impact Economy Team helps entrepreneurs and investors do good while doing well.

This is the third in a series of Womble Whiteboard videos. Click here to watch Episode 1 and Episode 2. Stay tuned for future installments.