On 31 March 2017, the National Financial Office announced that searches and hearings were conducted on 30 and 31 March by the National Judicial Customs Service (SNDJ), under the direction of the National Financial Office (PNF), throughout French territory, as part of the operational phase of a judicial inquiry coordinated at the international level by EUROJUST. Nearly 25 SNDJ agents were engaged in this operation.

Opened on 26 April 2016, by the head of money laundering aggravated by tax fraud, the investigation has revealed several thousand bank accounts opened in Switzerland and not declared by their holders to the French tax authorities. The same facts apply to the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and Australia.

The announcement states that the transnational dimension of this type of fraud, which is particularly damaging to public finances, justifies effective coordination between countries at the European and international level.