CMS held a National Provider Call on Thursday, October 9, 2014 to inform stakeholders and interested parties on updates to its proposed global settlement of certain claims related to place of service denials for Part A acute care services.  During the call, CMS provided updates on the hospitals appeals settlement procedure, updated FAQs, and held an approximately 30 minute Q&A session to answer provider questions related to the process.  Materials from the call can be accessed here.  CMS will also be providing a link to a transcript and audio recording of the session on the call's webpage.  For those who have been following the process, not a lot of new information was added; however, providers may be interested to learn that CMS is no longer requiring that information for those claims subject to the settlement process be submitted in the format previously prescribed by CMS. While CMS is now allowing the information to be submitted on any excel worksheet (and not just on the one provided by CMS), they did emphasize that claims information submitted in the non-standard format may result in a delay in processing the settlement request. CMS also discussed best practices in submitting settlement requests based upon mistakes they are currently seeing in request packets.  Finally, CMS clarified that a rejected Part A claim that was rebilled as an outpatient claim under Part B would be eligible for participation in the settlement so long as payment has not actually been received by the hospital.