CMS Releases August Medicaid/CHIP Figures Showing Total Enrollment Growth of 8.7 Million

Approximately 8.7 million individuals have enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP since October 2013, according to the CMS newly released August 2014 Medicaid/CHIP Enrollment Report. States expanding their Medicaid programs experienced a 22% increase in enrollment growth as compared with the July-September of 2013 baseline period. States not expanding their Medicaid programs, on the other hand, saw only a 5% increase over the same period. The report also found that children enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP comprise nearly 55% of enrollment.

CMS Releases Information on Marketplace Plan Renewals in Advance of Open Enrollment

In anticipation of the 2014-2015 Open Enrollment Period, CMS sent notices explaining the re-enrollment process to 7.3 million people currently enrolled in health plans purchased through the FFM. CMS took additional steps to notify consumers about their re-enrollment options, including posting a step-by-step plan renewal guide online, increasing call center staff and streamlining the online application process, noting that when consumers sign on to, 90% of the application will be pre-populated. Consumers who do not take steps to actively renew will generally be re-enrolled in the same plan that they were enrolled in in 2014.