Arbitration task force assembled. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority formed a 13-member Arbitration Task Force to consider possible enhancements to its arbitration forum. (7/17/2014) FINRA press release. 

NASDAQ customer rebate proposal rejected. NASDAQ OMX PHLX’s proposal to increase the rebates available under its customer rebate program has been denied by the SEC. (7/16/2014) SEC Release No. 34-72633. 

SEC approves amendments concerning communications with the public. The SEC approved amendments to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s rules that affect the filing requirements for research reports. (7/11/2014) FINRA Regulatory Notice 14-30. 

OTC reporting. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority reminded members that their obligation to report cancellations of over-the-counter trades applies to all trades reported for publication purposes that ultimately do not clear and settle. (7/11/2014) FINRA Trade Reporting Notice. 

Revised testing process for those with limited English. Effective September 8, 2014, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority will give those with limited English proficiency additional time to complete a qualification examination or Regulatory Element Continuing Education session. Requests for additional time must be made through the Central Registration Depository. (7/10/2014) FINRA Information Notice. 

Order routing information. The Trading Examinations Unit of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has asked certain brokers and dealers for information concerning their order routing processes and procedures. (7/8/2014) See sample request.