The Pensions Regulator (the "Regulator") has issued a report setting out the failings of Dunelm Soft Furnishings Ltd ("Dunelm") in complying with its auto-enrolment duties. Dunelm failed to enroll employees within the legal timeframes, and failed to pay across significant pensions contributions. The problems arose from defects in the payroll system, key members of staff leaving Dunelm, and data quality issues.

The Regulator's investigation of Dunelm arose from its failure to complete registration with the Regulator, despite being contacted by the Regulator and given several opportunities. The report demonstrates that the Regulator will intervene where it suspects an employer has failed to comply with auto-enrolment requirements.

Interestingly, despite Dunelm's failures, while notices were issued by the Regulator requiring payment of unpaid contributions, no penalty or fine was imposed.

A copy of the Regulator's report can be viewed here.